Core Services

Receive personalized guidance
throughout your admissions process.

College Selection

Define, discover, and determine the best fit school for you.

The Application

Where, when, and why: together we develop and implement a strategic plan around your goals.


Words are powerful. Put this power to work for you.

Campus Visits

Get the most out of your trips to colleges.


Prepare and practice to tell your story.

Merit Scholarships

Identify the right scholarships and create a compelling case


Reflect and refine. Make your resume clearly convey your impact.

Career Planning

Leverage your strengths and skills to map your future.

Support beyond our core services


Want to play a sport in college? We can help you integrate the process with your college search.

Global Opportunities

Find and apply to international colleges and universities that fit your goals.

Post Graduation

Learn to craft your career strategy.

Military Academies

Navigate the complex process for securing an appointment to a US military academy.

International Students

Gain direction throughout the process of applying to US-based colleges and universities.

Students with Learning Differences

Our focus on best fit means we support whatever your learning needs are throughout your college choice journey.

A few words from our clients